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Jewelry as empowering as a firearm
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Joe Wall jewelry was founded by husband and wife team Joe and Christen in 2016.  Together, they design fine jewelry representing the beauty of America’s heritage to bear arms. Joe’s decade of experience engineering and manufacturing guns for some of the world’s biggest companies inspired their first collection of iconic firearm symbols. Their fine silver and gold jewelry for men and women is brought to life using industry-leading techniques. Explore their collection to see how they aspire to use their jewelry to bring people together – to empower and educate – to show how we have more in common than not.

Joe Wall


Our Designs


High caliber necklaces that redefine everyday carry.  Share your unique story with a modern statement for women.


Options for all.  Sterling silver.  White, Yellow, and Rose Gold in 14 & 18 karats and Platinum designed to meet client’s high caliber requirements.


Choose charms that enhance your story telling. Share your passions in a big way with these small treasures.

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Joe Wall Design all started when I was looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend. This inspired me to create my first piece, Silence is Golden. I built my own process for designing and manufacturing jewelry using technologies I was already familiar with from years of experience working as a firearms designer. With encouragement from my fiancé, I went on to create her a full set of bridal jewelry for our November 2016 wedding.