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There are three simple steps to finding the Joe Wall engagment ring designed to express your love. 1. shop for a setting, 2. choose a diamond 3. review your quote. We are avaliable 7 days a week by phone, email, and chat to guide you. To start the discussion, fill out this form and we’ll begin.


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Joe Wall can assist you in choosing a certified real diamond and engagement ring. We can personalize a matching wedding band or find a special anniversary gift for your loved one.

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White, Yellow, and Rose Gold offered in 14 & 18 karats and Platinum to meet the client’s high-value requirements.



Engineered Diamonds


Joe Wall Design is a company founded by a mechanical engineer and an environmental scientist. Joe and Christen Wall feel it is their duty to consider the most cutting-edge technology and innovation in eco-friendly gemstones. Lab-grown diamonds are growing in popularity with our generation. Choosing a lab-grown diamond is a statement about who you are and what you believe in. We’re excited to help you express your eternal love with an eco-conscious gemstone – a truly engineered solution!


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Love Inspires

Joe and Christen Wall began their marriage and creative partnership in 2016. Together, they built a shared vision of beauty and empowerment inspired by American heritage. They aspire to use their jewelry designs to bring people together – to show how we have more in common than not.

Their very first design was a wedding band. This elegant first piece embodied the meaning of their brand and the beginning of their marriage. From this band their jewelry collection grew.

Gold Suppressor Band

Stacked inside a suppressor are baffle features that trap and cool expanding gases. The suppressor functions to muffle sound, protecting hearing. It symbolizes compassion. Our vow to care for one another through the ups and downs.

Design Process


We start with a concept, whiteboard out a series of concepts, and then start the design work in CAD. After a series of virtual iterations, designs are  3-D printed directly in jeweler’s wax.

We work hand-in-hand with industry-leading jewelry designers to investment cast prototypes in either sterling silver or 14k yellow gold, then brilliantly polished to a gleaming finish. Each piece is meticulously reviewed for quality and tested for fit, function, wearability, and appeal.

From there, master molds are created. Again, each new tool is reviewed and scrutinized to ensure the high quality demanded in the firearms industry is matched in our jewelry.

Just as people demand the best out of their firearm, so to do they demand the best out of their jewelry.



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About Us


Joe Wall Jewelry is inspired by the beauty and history of firearms.  A firearm is a symbol of freedom, empowerment, innovation, and American Pride.  Our design is born from more than a decade of study designing and manufacturing new firearms for some of the world’s biggest companies.  There is beauty in guns I wish to share, but there is greater beauty in the stories of empowerment that you can share! Discover your new favorite jewelry to share your own story with the world. 

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